Rockcliffe Flying Club Board of Directors

The Rockcliffe Flying Club is a non-profit organization managed by a volunteer board of 7 members, with 6 positions currently filled. These members are elected among Sustaining Members at the Annual General Meeting for a mandate of 2 years.

Officers are named by the Board Members for a 1 year period after the Annual General Meeting. The officers are currently:

  • Gérard Métrailler, President
  • Don Buchan, Vice President
  • François Kupo, Treasurer
  • Tony Hunt, Board Secretary

Other members of the board are:

  • Dale Dempsey
  • Mark Espenant
  • Andrew Halpenny

Board meetings are open to all members and are scheduled for the last Tuesday of every month at 7 PM. Minutes of the meetings are available for existing members from this page.