who we are

who we are

The Rockcliffe Flying Club is a Transport Canada approved Flight Training School. Our ground and air instruction syllabus includes training towards the Recreational Pilot Permit and Private Pilot Licenses, the Night Rating, VFR OTT as well as the Instrument Ratings.

The size of our school ensures that a flight training program can be tailored to meet the requirements of the individual student. We also offer a variety of other services, such as sightseeing, aircraft rentals, pilot supplies, fuel sales, tiedown and maintenance.

With over 400 active members, our flying and social events continue to increase in size and number, including our Canada Day celebration, the Wings Dinner, flower bombing and spot landing contests, Young Eagles flight.


Rockcliffe Flying Club Membership

The Rockcliffe Flying Club has been operating in the National Capital region since 1954. Its current form was created in 1961 with the following objectives among others (extract from the charter):

  • to acquire, hold operate and maintain all manner of aircraft;
  • to promote flying and aviation in general and to teach and train persons in the art and science of flying and navigating and operating all manner of aircraft;
  • to promote race meetings, speed and trial tests and other exhibitions of aircraft;
  • to establish, maintain and conduct (...) any organization formed for the purpose of advancing the study and practice of flying, aeronautics and aviation in general.

In this tradition, the Rockcliffe Flying Club encourages its members to develop their piloting skills through training, seminars, aviation activities, and of course "hangar flying" and other social activities.

There are three general types of membership:

  • Student Membership
  • Flying Membership
  • Sustaining Membership

When a student pilot joins the club, they are a Student Member until they receive their Private Pilot License or Recreational Pilot Permit, at which time they become a Flying Member. When a person with an existing license or permit joins the club, they are a Flying Member.

When a member has been a Flying Member for one year, they automatically become a Sustaining Member.

All categories of membership have the same rights and privileges, with the exception of Sustaining Members, who are the only members allowed to vote at the Annual General Meeting or hold a position on the Board of Directors.

Although a person’s membership category may change at any time (for example, when they receive their license, or have been a Flying Member for one year), the new rate will only be applied when they renew their membership on January 1st of the following year.

The Rockcliffe Airport

The Rockcliffe Airport is located on the south shore of the Ottawa River, four nautical miles to the Northeast of the Nation's Capital. A former Royal Canadian Air Force Base, the airfield is home to the Canada Aviation Museum and was Canada's first seaplane base. Owned by the Canada Aviation Museum and operated by the Rockcliffe Flying Club, the airport is an ideal location for flight training, as student pilots do not have to contend with the heavy traffic of a major airport. Yet, we are only a few minutes away from the Gatineau and Ottawa International Airports, enabling exposure to the Air Traffic Control environment.