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To hold a Student Pilot Permit (SPP) a valid medical is required. Due to the processing time it is advised that you obtain a medical at the outset of your training.

The PSTAR exam (Pre-Solo Test on Air Regulations)is a Transport Canada requirement consisting of 50 multiple choice questions. These questions are taken directly from the PSTAR study guide.

The test for the Radio Telephone Operators Restricted Certificate (RTORC) is free & given by us. It permits the holder to use aviation radios.


Open Book Aircraft Check Out Exams

Please see a dispatcher or instructor to obtain an access key.

Other references

Ground School

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Transport Canada Flight Test Standards Guides

This is the detailed description of the elements of the flight tests for the different licences and ratings.

Written Exam Study Guides

Transport Canada Study and Reference Guides - These are guides for the written exams. There are also sample examinations with typical questions.

Flight Instructor References

IFR Tools

Instructor Corner

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Please see a dispatcher or instructor to obtain an access key

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