Icing encounter

Mon, 01.04.2013 - 21:48

“Well, that’s not what I expected!”

Have you ever heard yourself mutter these words while flying?  I have! On numerous occasions I have heard and seen the “seasoned” pilot with 200 hours under his/her belt whip together a flight plan (based on guesstimate numbers) and thunder out the door to fly to a favorite airport, with the mindset of “get home-itis”.

 Weather can be a strange thing, as most of us have discovered on our travels. What is forecast might not be what we encounter, as I found out recently on a trip from CYWG (Winnipeg) to CYND (Gatineau) in a pressurized twin.  This encounter happened in winter on a domestic IFR flight plan.  The trip took us from CYWG to YQT (Thunder Bay VOR), YSB (Sudbury VOR), YYB (North Bay VOR) V316 YOW and home, with “no forecast icing along the route.” Sounds like a pretty straightforward route, right? Wrong.