If you have aviation related items that you would like to find a new home for, this is the venue for you. You can book a full table ($15), 1/2 table ($7.5) or a portion of a table ($3.75). If you would like to reserve a table, email memberservices[at]rfc.ca or call Brenda Reid at 613-746-4425. If you are looking for aviation items to purchase or would just like to browse drop by and check out the Flea Market, relax and the enjoy the scenery.
With the nice weather outside, it's a great time to go fly. But with the heat, cockpits can quickly become moving saunas. Wouldn't it be nice to fine-tune your flying skills in an air-conditioned environment? That's why the Rockcliffe Flying Club is happy to announce our Beat the heat summer 2013 Redbird promotion. From today and until August 31st, the Redbird solo / rental rate will be 50% off the normal price! Yes, that's $45 saving on the regular hourly rate. If you've been checked out to fly solo in the Redbird, one hour of full motion simulator will only be $45 per hour until August 31st, making this summer the best time to improve your aviation skills and enjoy the air-conditioning at the same…
This is just a reminder that Rockcliffe Flying Club's first IFR Club meeting is tomorrow night at 7:30 pm. The purpose of the informal meetings is to bring together IFR pilots (or someone thinking about becoming IFR rated) to meet once a month and discuss what they are passionate about....flying! Not just flying BUT "Instrument flying". Come out and meet experienced IFR pilots and newly rated IFR pilots and have a coffee, relax and enjoy the conversation.

Jonathan Rotondo's book project

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Some of you may remember a red and white, homebuilt Smith Miniplane that called Rockcliffe home during the 1980s. It was owned by Tony Rotondo. His son Jonathan is an aerobatic instructor pilot here at the club today. Some of you may have read his three part series in the COPA newspaper earlier this year.
Temporary lane closures of the Rockcliffe Parkway in both directions started earlier this week. These closures will be done alternately, between Princess Avenue and the Aviation Parkway, from 7 am to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday, until mid-August 2013. Planes flying into CYRO are not affected! Find out more at - http://www.canadascapital.gc.ca/places-to-visit/parks-paths-parkways/news/2013-07-05/traffic-advisory-pavement-rehabilitation-of
Another successful Canada Day Fly-in Breakfast is over and though the day is never perfect, we try to improve it a little each year and looking back we have much to be appreciative this year. We could not have asked for more cooperative weather conditions and though we were a smaller number of volunteers this year we had the assistance of the VWOC Marshallers and CASARA’s equipment and manpower, which made it much more manageable.
Every year, the Rockcliffe Flying Club members enjoy hosting a Canada Day fly-in (drive-in, walk-in, bike-in and with yacht club neighbours, perhaps some day sail-in) breakfast celebration which includes plane rides from taxiway Delta (over at the Museum). Activities start with breakfast at 7:00am, and continue throughout the day. The Canada Day Planning Committee was formed in February, and has begun much of the planning for this event. We are now recruiting volunteers for the many tasks required to make our Canada Day celebration a success. Even if you only have a few hours, or are unable to help out on the day, you may be able to assist us with some of the pre-event tasks such as creating the activities map. For friends and…
On Saturday June 8th, RFC will be hosting a Fly Day for local Cubs and Scouts (these days, Cubs and Scouts are both male and female). A call for volunteers was sent about a month ago, once the event was confirmed. The number of participants is firming, the number of volunteers required to host the event is therefore firming up, and we are now in a position to send out a call for more volunteers. We need: Pilots: We are fully staffed for the 9-11 shift. We need three pilots (with aircraft) for the 11-1 shift, and up to 4 pilots for the 1-3 shift, Unicom Operator: Because of the increased traffic, and because Saturday is always a busy day at Rockcliffe, we are looking…