Rockcliffe Flying Club Podcasts

Rockcliffe Flying Club Podcasts Image (c) Gérard Métrailler

Welcome to the Rockcliffe Flying Club Podcast series (What's a "podcast" you say? Look it up in Wikipedia). These recordings will illustrate the radio communications used in different types of flights and different phases of these flights.

These two initial recordings represent a flight into and out of a Class C controlled airport, Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International. Commentary is provided to explain the different phases of the dialogue.

The podcast recordings are provided in two formats: AAC/m4a (for iTunes and IPod) and MP3. Just click on the links below to download to your computer. To listen to the iTunes version, you can either download it to your iPod (if you have one, you probably know how to do this), or download ITunes from the Apple website. To listen to the mp3 version, you can use Windows Media Player, Real Audio, etc.

If you have iTunes on your computer, you can also subscribe to the entire podcast series.

Individual recordings (large files):

Arrival to a controlled airport

This first recording illustrates a flight coming from Burlington Vermont into Ottawa McDonald Cartier International (CYOW).

Departure from a controlled airport

This second recording illustrates a flight leaving Ottawa McDonald Cartier International (CYOW) for an uncontrolled airport Ottawa-Rockcliffe (CYRO).

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