My introductory flight

Submitted by Flavio (Jorge) on Tue, 10.01.2012 - 00:00

Flying for me was one of those things you don't bother because you know you'll never do it. Who never thought about buying a Ferrari, going on a date with a famous person or made plans on how to spend the lottery millions? That’s what flying an aeroplane was for me.

At least until I started working for this company in Boston. The person who talked me into taking flying lessons was a retired marine called Tony. It was the same guy that challenged a female co-worker to a mud-wrestling match during a company meeting. Nice start. Back on the good old days of booming high tech, my company allowed each employee to spend five hundred dollars on anything that makes you feel good. Some bought golf clubs, skis, running shoes and gym memberships. I bought an introductory flying lessons package that included five hours of dual flight, all the books and a nice bag. The big day came. I jumped on the little plane for the first time and taxied to the runway. The moment the instructor told me to pull the yoke and I felt the airplane leaving the ground I knew I wanted to do that. I understood that somehow, from that point on, airplanes needed to be a part of my life. If I were ten years younger, I weren’t deaf in on ear and if my glasses weren't thick as a bullet proof windshield I would be tempted to pursue a career in aviation. But, hey, you never know.