Managing Takeoff Risks by Roger M. Delisle Those few first seconds after the wheels leave the ground is an exhilarating time for many pilots, but they can also be the riskiest of the flight. The 2005 Nall Report shows that in 2004, in nearly 1 out of 5 pilot-related fatal accidents (19.4%), the emergency began during takeoff, before the initial climb. That’s a very short period of time for such a high ratio of mishaps to occur, and it shows how something going wrong like an engine failure when you’re so close to the ground can quickly turn awry. But there’s a catch word in the statistic I quote above: Pilot-related. That is, an accident that arises “from the improper action or inaction of the…
Winter Operations The following article presents some key points outlined in a recent RFC-sponsored Transport Canada seminar by Michel Treskin, Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, on operating aircraft during the winter (as well as some extra points from various sources). Winter flying is safe, but as we all should know, ‘safe’ does not mean ‘risk-free.’ Learn to manage the extra risks of winter flying to fly safely all year round. New to winter ops? Get a “winter operations” briefing at the RFC and consider going up with an instructor, and always consult your A.I.P. Canada publication
Conflict Resolution Within the Circuit The circuit above an airport is designed with the orderly flow of traffic in mind. However, there are always circumstances that can lead to potential conflicts between aircraft within the circuit, and pilots must always be vigilant to be able to detect conflicts early to begin resolving them as soon as possible.
Welcome to the Inaugural Issue! This newsletter is produced by the Rockcliffe Flying Club Safety Committee, a committee formed to promote safe flying practices at the RFC. The newsletter aims to inform you of safety issues in and around Rockcliffe, and to publicise the activities of the Safety Committee, including their investigations of incidents, their findings, and so on. The newsletter is aimed at both the ab initio pilot and the thousand-hour pilot.