The RFC Members BBQ and flour bombing/Spot landing competitions will be moved to its rain date Sunday, September 7th. The times for both events will remain the same. All times for volunteers for the flour bombing/spot landing competition will remain the same. If you were booked to volunteer today and are not available tomorrow, can you please let us know? If you were booked for the flour bombing/spot landing competition on MME (or any other aircraft) today we will move you over to the same time slot booking for tomorrow. Please call dispatch if you need to make changes. If you were not available today but would like to join us tomorrow for the BBQ and/or the competitions please call dispatch and sign up.

Discover what it takes to Learn to Fly

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Two Information Sessions, September 13th & September 17th. Always wanted to become a pilot? Looking to the sky when a plane flies by, wishing you were there? The Rockcliffe Flying Club will host information sessions in September at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum providing a complete overview of what it is like to be and how to become a pilot. Experienced private pilots will discuss the steps it takes to getting your license at any age, sort out the truth from the myths (you can be a pilot if you are color blind or wear glasses for example), and also provide an insight into what it is like to take control of airplane for the first time! Join us on Saturday, September 13th or…
RFC'S ANNUAL MEMBERS BBQ / LIVE MUSIC/ CRICKET MATCH/VOLLEYBALL GAME/CHILDREN'S RACES/PRIZES The combination of light aircraft and summer barbecues often conjures up the image of the $100 hamburger. It’s certainly fun to fly off to a neighbouring airport for an informal lunch or dinner, spending closer to $200 these days. But there’s an opportunity coming up next weekend to hang around planes, fellow pilots, and the barbecue for free! It’s the Rockcliffe Flying Club Members’ BBQ, and cricket match, and volleyball game, and children’s races (with prizes), and flour-bombing prize-giving, and spot-landing prize-giving, and live music, and just about as much fun as you can pack into a Saturday afternoon. The festivities start at 3:00 pm and wrap up at 8:00 pm on Saturday, September…
FLOUR BOMBING / SPOT LANDING COMPETITIONS - SEPTEMBER 6 (rain date Sept 7) from 1200 to 1700 hrs. Bombs away! That’s not a call we hear often at the Rockcliffe Flying Club, where friends come to fly. But again this year “bombs away!” will be the rallying call for fun, laughter and good-natured competition as the Club holds its annual flour-bombing and spot-landing contests. This year’s competitions are being held on Saturday, September 6, with Sunday, September 7 set aside as a rain-date. It costs only $10 to participate in the competitions, and you can procure additional bombs for $5 apiece. Payment can be made during the on-site registration on the day of the competitions. Each aircraft in the flour-bombing competition must have a pilot…
TONY AND THE ROCKCLIFFE FLYING CLUB WILL BE HOSTING A BBQ AND LIVE MUSIC EVENT Saturday, July 5th, from 1600 to 2100 Tony (BBQ) and RFC would like to eagerly invite RFC members, their friends, and family to join us for a BBQ with a live music by vocalist Sherri Harding. Sherri is an experienced, in demand vocalist who has toured extensively across Canada as well as performed for the Canadian Armed Forces in Bosnia, Italy, and Dubai. She also boasts a broad repertoire including Carrie Underwood, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Queen, AC/DC, Abba, Journey, Johnny Cash, Billy Joel, Adele, and Bon Jovi. For more information on Sherri Harding you can visit her website at

Canada Day Volunteers needed

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The Spring 2014 edition of the Rockcliffe Flying Club Crosswinds Newsletter is available... get your free copy at
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