Local Sightseeing Flights

Discover Ottawa as you've never seen it before! Discover Ottawa as you've never seen it before! Image © Gérard Métrailler

Sightseeing flights are a great way to experience something new. Whether you're native to Ottawa or just visiting, see the city from a whole new perspective. Let one of our qualified flight instructors show you the sights, and enjoy the freedom and thrill of flight.

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To book your flight contact us at 613-746-4425.

Where can we go?

Our most popular tours are over downtown Ottawa, or north of Ottawa over Park Gatineau. These flights are typically 0.5 hours long. Other destinations are possible such as flying over your house or cottage. All sightseeing flights must depart and arrive at Rockcliffe airport, and must take place during daylight.

How far in advance do I have to book?

Flight availability depends on aircraft and flight instructor availability. To make sure you get the time you want, we recommend booking about a week in advance. Often same-day or next-day bookings are possible though your preferred time may not be available.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the flight is based on an hourly rate and we bill for every 0.1 of an hour. The cost is per airplane, not per person, so you can share the cost with friends. The current hourly sightseeing rate for a 4-seat aircraft is $218.00 (plus HST). A typical sightseeing flight lasts 0.5 to 0.7 hours, and would cost $109.00 to $152.60 (plus HST).

How many people can I bring?

Our aircraft have up to 4 seats With the pilot occupying one of those, we are able to carry up to 3 passengers (some restrictions apply). Ask us for more information when making your booking.

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