Full motion simulator

The Redbird FMX Full Motion Training Device is the new industry standard and is an integral part of RFC's new training environment.

With wrap around visuals, a fully enclosed cockpit and full motion capability for both single (Cessna 172) and Multi-engine (Piper Seminole) operations, the Redbird is also Transport Canada certified for IFR renewal Flight Tests. In addition to IFR training, Redbird is being incorporated into RFC's flight training programs.

“The bottom line,” says Simon Garrett, RFC Operations Manager and Chief Flight Instructor, “is the Redbird provides tremendous flexibility with our flight training programs and truly enhances the learning experience for pilots at all levels, at a reduced cost.”

“Redbird has been operational for several weeks and the feedback from Instructors and students is very positive,” says Garrett.  Class 3 Instructor Marcel Leclerc summed it up by saying “Redbird provides a controlled learning environment, with no distractions and no delays. This is a huge advantage for the ab-initio student who can learn the basic flying skills in less time. Therefore, building more confidence early in the training, the student is better prepared to fly the plane.”

“Another huge advantage,” says Garrett, “is availability. Redbird, is flyable regardless of weather and the time of day. With instructors available in the evenings and on call, we can accommodate both ab-initio and Instrument pilots at any time (day or night), seven days a week.”

Class 1 Senior Instructor and Pilot Examiner Mark Braithwaite is  overseeing all Redbird flight operations and training programs. Says Braithwaite, “the realism of Redbird is phenomenal, not only does it provide a wide variety of scenarios, but it is an excellent training platform, a huge confidence builder and there is just so much more you can do in one session, especially when it comes to emergency procedures and flying in IMC.”

To schedule an Introductory Flight ($79.00) or for more information on RFC's IFR and VFR flight training programs incorporating Redbird, contact Simon Garrett at 613-746-4425 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. More information on Redbird can be found at http://www.redbirdflightsimulations.com