Aerobatic Certificate

Aerobatic Certificate Image © Matt Leblanc

A pilot with an Aerobatic Certificate can perform Aerobatic Maneuvers with passengers. The Aerobatics Certificate Program takes you out of the normal envelope and sharpens your piloting skills. You will build confidence in unusual attitude and upset recovery by enhancing your knowledge of aircraft theory and control.


  • Hold a Private Pilot License issued by Canada or a Contracting State
  • Possess a valid Category 1 or 3 Medical Certificate
  • Complete a minimum 10 hours of Rockcliffe Flying Club Aerobatics Training,
  • Show proficiency in the aerobatic maneuvers outlined in the Rockcliffe Flying Club Aerobatic Syllabus

Estimated Course Cost

The following is representative of the fees incurred by a student using American Champion Super Decathalon (two-seat) aeroplane, based on the minimum course requirements as stipulated by Transport Canada. A student may require more dual flying and ground briefing in order to achieve the proficiency necessary to obtain his/her Aerobatic Certificate.

10 hrs Dual @ $271.00 / hr $2,710.00
4 hrs Ground Briefing @ $64.00 / hr $320.00
Total $3,030.00

The time required to complete the course requirements is dependent on a number of contributing factors. These include the student's aptitude and ability, as well as suitable weather conditions to enable the student and instructor to complete the required exercises. Each student is encouraged to progress through the flight training exercises at his/her own rate. Please do not hesitate to consult a member of our staff for additional information.