Commercial Pilot Licence

Commercial Pilot Licence Image © Marc Morenas

A pilot with a Commercial license can be pilot-in-command of an aeroplane, in commercial service, of a class and type in respect of which the licence is endorsed and if the minimum flight crew document for the aeroplane specifies a minimum flight crew of one pilot, or co-pilot of other aircraft. CPL also includes VFR OTT rating.


  • An applicant shall have reached their 18th birthday
  • Hold a Private Pilot License issued by Canada or a Contracting State
  • Possess a valid Category 1 Medical Certificate
  • Complete a minimum 80 hours Commercial Pilot - Aeroplane ground school
  • Successfully complete a Transport Canada written examination
  • Successfully complete a flight test with an approved Transport Canada examiner
  • Have completed in aeroplanes not less than 200 hours total time
  • Have not less than 100 hours pilot-in command time, including a minimum of 20 hours cross-country
  • An applicant must have completed 65 hours of flight training, to include:
    • 35 hours dual instruction and
    • 30 hours solo flight time * * the breakdown of this time can be found in the Canadian Aviation Regulations

Estimated Course Cost

The following is representative of the fees incurred by a student using a Cessna 150 (two-seat) aeroplane, based on the minimum course requirements as stipulated by Transport Canada. A student may require more dual flying and ground briefing, integrated with solo practice, in order to achieve the proficiency necessary to obtain his/her Commercial Pilot License. These costs do not include any build-up time required to meet the 200 total time and 100 PIC hours required.

Transport Canada Minimum
35 hrs Dual @ $197.00 / hr $6,895.00
30 hrs Solo @ $143.00 / hr. $4,290.00
20 hrs Ground Briefing $1,080.00
Written exam fees $105.00
Flight test fees $300.00
Total $12,670.00

Other cost to be aware of are ground school tuition at $400, registration at $200 and materials at $300.

The time required to complete the course requirements is dependent on a number of contributing factors. These include the student's aptitude and ability, as well as suitable weather conditions to enable the student and instructor to complete the required exercises. Each student is encouraged to progress through the flight training exercises at his/her own rate. Please do not hesitate to consult a member of our staff for additional information.