Co-pilot course

Co-pilot course Image © Matt Leblanc

The CoPilot course is designed for people who don't intend (at this point!) to get a pilot licence, but expect to fly often with a pilot and would like to know more about flying, to make the experience more pleasurable and to develop some skills that might be useful to their pilot during flights.  It is also appropriate for someone who doesn't have a pilot friend but would like to get more general knowledge about flying and aviation. 

The course consists of two ground school sessions on Saturday mornings, usually two weeks apart, and two flights with an RFC instructor in club airplanes, or if your pilot owns an aircraft, in that aircraft.
The ground school will explain the mystery of how an airplane stays in the air, will give you an understanding of the obscure language of aviation, some knowledge of how weather happens, how flying can affect you, and how a trip is planned.

The two flights will teach you the basics of keeping an airplane in the air, straight and level, how to navigate with a map, how to approach an airport and a bit of how an airplane can be landed. We usually try to get one flight done between the two ground school sessions, so you can come to the second session with questions and can talk about your experience.

To be clear, this course provides you with a lot of general knowledge about aviation, but does not give you a licence or a permit. That being said, the time you spend in the airplane with an instructor is dual instruction and can count towards a licence or permit should you decide to continue learning.



An interest in learing more about aviation.

The course will be offered in English, but instructors are bilingual and will answer questions in French or English.

Course Cost

The course consists of two groundschool sessions on Saturday mornings from 9 am to 12 pm. The sessions are once a week two weeks apart and two one-hour flights with a RFC instructor. More details are provided in the Course Syllabus (note that dates and prices in that document are out of date).

The total program cost will be $499 plus applicable taxes for two dual flights in Cessna 172 and two ground school sessions. Students must register ahead with the Rockcliffe Flying Club at 613 746 4425 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Flights will be individually scheduled with instructors.

Please do not hesitate to consult a member of our staff for additional information.