Night Rating

Night Rating Image © Matt LeBlanc

The holder of a permit or licence that has been endorsed with a night rating may exercise the privileges of the permit or licence by night.  For example, a Private Pilot License - Aeroplane holder with a night rating may fly under VFR conditions at night.


For this course, an applicant for a night rating must hold a PPL or CPL currently restricted to day only, and shall have acquired in aeroplanes a minimum of 20 hours of pilot flight time that includes a minimum of:

  • 10 hours of night flight time including a minimum of:
    • 5 hours dual flight time, including 2 hours of cross-country flight time,
    • 5 hours solo flight time, including 10 takeoffs, circuits and landings; and
  • 10 hours dual instrument flight time.  Credit for a maximum of 5 of these hours may be given for instrument ground time, provided that the total instrument time shall be in addition to the 10 hours night flight above.

Estimated Course Cost

The following is representative of the fees incurred using a Cessna 150, based on the minimum course requirements as stipulated by Transport Canada. Additional dual time may be required in order to achieve the proficiency necessary to obtain a night rating.

15 hrs. Dual @ $197.00 / hr. $2,955.00
5 hrs. Solo @ $143.00 / hr. $715.00
3 hrs. Ground Briefing @ $54.00 / hr. $162.00
Total $3,832.00

Please do not hesitate to consult a member of our staff for additional information.