Recreational Pilot Permit

Recreational Pilot Permit Image © Matt LeBlanc

A Recreational pilot licence allows the holder to be pilot-in-command of single engine non-high-performance aeroplanes, designed to carry no more than 4 persons, and can carry a maximum of 1 passenger. RPP holder can be PIC of an ultra-light aeroplane, and can obtain a sea rating. RPP holders can operate under day VFR conditions only.


  • An applicant shall have reached their 16th birthday
  • Successfully complete a medical examination
  • Successfully complete a Transport Canada written examination
  • Successfully complete a flight test with an approved Transport Canada examiner
  • An applicant must have completed 25 hours of flight training, to include a minimum of :
    • 15 hours dual instruction, including a minimum of 2 hours cross-country
    • 5 hours of solo flight time

Estimated Course Cost

The following is representative of the fees incurred by a student using a Cessna 150 (two-seat) aeroplane, based on the minimum course requirements as stipulated by Transport Canada. A student will require more dual flying and ground briefing, integrated with solo practice, in order to achieve the proficiency necessary to obtain his/her Recreational Pilot Permit

Transport Canada Minimum Realistic estimate
15 hrs Dual @ $197.00 / hr $2,955.00 (35 hours) $6,895.00
5 hrs Solo @ $143.00 / hr. $715.00 (7 hours) $1,001.00
Build up hours (5 hours) @ $143.00/hr $715.00 Included in above
Ground instruction @ $54.00 / hr.   (10 hours) $540.00
Written exam fees $35.00   $35.00
Flight test fees $250.00   $250.00
Total $4,670.00   $8,721.00

Other costs to be aware of: club membership ($240.00), ground school tuition ($299.00)*, study kit ($355.00), and medical examination ($140.00).

The time required to complete the course requirements is dependent on a number of contributing factors. These include the student's aptitude and ability, as well as suitable weather conditions to enable the student and instructor to complete the required exercises.

Each student is encouraged to progress through the flight training exercises at his/her own rate. After learning basic aircraft handling, you will proceed in a step by step sequence through more complex air exercises. Please do not hesitate to consult a member of our staff for additional information and/or make an appointment for an Introductory Flight.

* Not a legal requirement, but is recommended.