Tailwheel Conversion

Tailwheel Conversion Image by Gérard Métrailler

In order to do your tailwheel conversion, you need to hold at least a Student Pilot Permit, complete the groundschool (seminar or individual briefing) as well as seven RFC flight lesson plans.

Successful candidates will complete the ground instruction and be able to operate the aircraft, including both 3-point and wheel landings, to the instructor’s satisfaction before being recommended for rental of the aeroplane. 

Rental of the RFC C170 will be at the discretion of the CFI, based on previous experience and successful checkout.  Renters must also satisfy any additional RFC or insurance company experience prerequisites (minimum total time, minimum tailwheel time, etc.).

And once you've been checked out on our Cessna 170, the logical next step is to enjoy Aerobatics in our Super Decathlon!

Estimated Course Cost

Note that these times are approximations based on the average pilot. There is no minimum time, and actual training times will vary based on student ability.

10 hrs Dual @ $206.00 / hr $2060.00
3 hrs Ground Briefing @ $52.00 / hr $156.00
Total $2,216.00