VMS Quick Enrollment Guide

(Quick Link to the VMS system)


The Rockcliffe Flying Club (RFC) is, and always has been, reliant on the participation and volunteering of members. Volunteering with the Club engages members, increases camaraderie and community, and significantly reduces the cost of operations – costs which would otherwise need to be covered through revenue from rental fees, fuel charges, and membership fees.

At RFC, management of club volunteers has always been a manual effort, incurring staffing costs. Volunteer hours have been tracked in a binder (one page per member) or through Event Log Sheets.

To reduce administrative costs and increase efficiency, the management of volunteers is being automated through the implementation of a Volunteer Management System.

Your first step is the one-time step of self-registering yourself in our VMS – which is the purpose of this Quick Guide.

There is a second, more detailed, Enrollment Guide. That version contains exactly the same steps, but includes more detailed explanations, screen shots, and explanations of the options.

The separate RFC VMS FAQ & Guide describes the frequent VMS activities of volunteering for activities, recording hours, etc.

Privacy of your Personal Information

RFC is using a “shared application” for our VMS – in today’s computer terminology this is called “cloud computing”, or “SaaS” (Software as a Service). By providing access in this manner, we don’t have to buy primary and backup “server computers”, put them in a rack, pay for electricity or air conditioning, install and update software, or pay for additional Internet connections to the clubhouse.

Our data is private: The data entered for the Rockcliffe Flying Club VMS is not shared with any other organization. Similarly, RFC cannot see the data or volunteers of any other organization. The servers are located in Canada (in Hamilton, Ontario) – therefore the data on the servers is not subject to extra-territorial legislation such as the United States Patriot Act.

You can view the Privacy Policy of our service provider.

Creating your Profile

To create your profile in the VMS.

  1. Click on Volunteer Management System on http://www.rfc.ca/, then on the RFC VMS home page click on the Sign up link,  A direct link is here. 
  2. Click on Sign Up, then click on No (“Do you already have an ID?”) on the following screen
  3. Choose a username, and enter your email address twice. Your username needs to be unique across the entire system, and you can change your choice at a later time. Click Next
  4. Enter your contact information. Be sure to include a phone number(s), and specify which phone number is the best method to contact you.  Click Save and Continue,
  5. Click on Go to my profile.

You now have an ID in the system. The next steps will complete the customization of your profile.

  1. Click on My Profile. Your Basic information (which you just entered) is shown. This is the screen where you would change your password. Review the information, DO NOT enter your date of birth, and click Save
  2. Click on Additional Info.  Enter your RFC Membership Number. If you don’t know your RFC number off-hand, the system administrators will enter the number if it is missing. Click Save.
  3. Click on Qualifications. Enter the information requested (some qualifications can only be entered by the Club). For a description of why we ask for your information, see the FAQ (which is linked from the RFC VMS home page). Click Save.
  4. Click on Interests. Check any box where you have an interest in volunteering, and click Save. This information will be used by the Club to send out a targeted request for volunteers. For example, we could contact only those who are interested in gardening, rather than emailing all 500+ club members. If you do not check a box it does not preclude you from volunteering in that area – it is only a means to optimize club contacts to members.
  5. Click on Availability. This information would be used to search for someone for a scheduled shift. At the present time we’re not currently scheduling any work using this information, therefore completion of this page is optional.
  6. Click on Goals. Enter 20 hours from January 1st through December 31st, 2013. Click Save.

Club Approvals

You started the enrolment process by following a link from the publicly-visible www.rfc.ca web site. Anyone in the world could click that link, enter the required data, and attempt to register to be a volunteer with RFC. Therefore, there is an administrative step, approving every volunteer which registers in the RFC VMS. This will ensure that we do not allow unknown individuals into our system.

On completing your application, an email was generated and sent to the system administrators. Your application will be reviewed and approved within 24 hours.

Using the System

Once your application to be an RFC volunteer has been approved, you will use the system to volunteer for activities, and to record your hours.

To use the VMS system see the RFC VMS User Guide (downloadable from the RFC website soon), to get explanations for the tabs labeled Sign Up, Assignments, Hours Log, Contact and Reports.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, see the RFC VMS FAQ (also on the RFC website).

Getting Help

If you need help, the following sources will be of assistance:

  • See if your question is already answered in the RFC VMS FAQ,
  • Beside some of the fields there is a small “circle-i”– by hovering your mouse over this icon there will be pop-up explanatory text,


  • Send an email with your question to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’ll answer your question within 24 hours.
  • There is a generic (produced by the Volunteer2 software vendor) manual which may be of assistance – to get a copy click on the question mark on the home page.