Volunteering at the Rockcliffe Flying Club

The Rockcliffe Flying Club (RFC) is, and always has been, reliant on the participation and volunteering of members. Volunteering with the Club engages members, increases camaraderie and community, and significantly reduces the cost of operations – costs which would otherwise need to be covered through revenue from fees and fuel.

Historically, management of club volunteers has been a manual effort, incurring staff or volunteer costs. Volunteer hours were manually tracked in a binder, or through Event Log Sheets. Communication of volunteer opportunities has used the clubhouse bulletin boards, or (more recently) emailed announcements.

Our manual methods are no longer sufficient, and the cost of the manual methods is no longer sustainable.

Effective January 1 2013, the Rockcliffe Flying Club is implementing an Internet-based Volunteer Management System (VMS). By taking advantage of technology advances, this system will:

  • Provide a single, central repository of all volunteer opportunities,
  • Display a list of all volunteer opportunities, equally accessible to all members,
  • Allow members to sign up for an assignment/task,
  • Allow Event Coordinators to see the state of the volunteer assignments, and determine there is a gap in the coverage,
  • Provide a single recording log for all volunteered hours,
  • Allow a members to see their number of hours contributed year-to-date,
  • Provide staff with a summary of contributed membership hours,
  • Reduce operational costs.

The RFC VMS will be used as the core for managing all volunteer activities.  All notices of volunteer opportunities, the assignment of tasks, and recording of time, will be available through the VMS. Specific events or tasks may continue to be highlighted via email, or notices on the bulletin board.

As the first step in the roll-out, we ask that members go to the RFC VMS web page (linked from the home page), and follow the Guide and the Links to enroll in the VMS.