VMS User Guide

After logging on to the RFC Volunteer Management System, the following web page is displayed:


From this web page you can:

  • Sign Up: Apply for volunteer opportunities (activities), or for specific shifts,
  • Assignments: See a list of your assignments and shifts, and remove yourself from an assignment or a shift,
  • Hours Log: See your most recently logged hours, and enter new hours,
  • Contact: Email the system administrators. Under this tab is also where you remove yourself from the RFC VMS,
  • Report: Get a report of any of your logged hours (selectable by time period),
  • Profile: Change your contact information, availability, password, qualifications
  • See your next assigned scheduled shift (lower right of the web page),
  • Get help (click the question mark at the top right),
  • Change the font size of the display (click on one of A A A),
  • Log off from the system (the red “OFF” icon). Be sure to logoff when using a shared computer, such as the computers at the RFC clubhouse.

Sign Up, Assignments and Hours Log are larger topics, and have separate Guide page which can be accessed by clicking on the above links. The remaining topics are self-evident, when you go into those sections.

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