The Rockcliffe Flying Club Scholarship Fund was established in 2004 at the Annual General Meeting of the Club and was renamed The Stratton – Domey Memorial Scholarship Fund in December 2011 in memory of longtime Club Members Barry Stratton and Jacques Domey.

The fund has been established as a means of assisting with the flight training costs of worthy, aviation career-oriented student pilots, with a selection of scholarship recipients being on the basis of need, as assessed by the Fund Board of Directors.

In general, a potential recipient of a scholarship is expected to be enrolled in a Recreational Pilot Permit or Private Pilot License course, however, at the discretion of the Fund Board of Directors, a student enrolled in any flight training course at the Rockcliffe Flying Club may be considered.

An applicant for a scholarship must have completed a minimum of 10 hours of flight instruction at the Rockcliffe Flying Club.

It is anticipated that scholarships will normally be for an amount equivalent to the cost of 10 hours of dual instruction on a Cessna 172.

All scholarship funds provided must be expended on ground or flight training services provided by the Rockcliffe Flying Club.

Applications for scholarships are accepted on an ongoing basis.

If you wish to apply for a scholarship, please address a letter to

Scholarship Fund Attention: Mr. Simon Garrett

Please provide as much detail as possible as to your aviation career aspirations and how a scholarship would assist you in reaching your goals.

Contributions to the Fund, of any amount, are appreciated at any time. Anyone wishing to contribute to the Stratton – Domey Memorial  Scholarship Fund can contact the Club General Manager, Mr. Simon Garrett. Cheques should be made to the order of The Rockcliffe Flying Club, and you can specify at the bottom (in the memo) that it is for the Stratton-Domey Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Past recipients of the scholarship:

  • Emily Coffey (2004)
  • Miguel Lazaro (2005)
  • Mathieu Dumas (2005)
  • Genevieve Millaire (2006)
  • Charles Ollivier (2006)
  • Adam Whitehorne (2007)
  • Alexander Hayes Thibault (2007)
  • Louis Bourque (2008)
  • Mathieu Dumas (2008)
  • Ryan Thornton (2010)
  • Andrei Socaci (2012)