Instrument rating (IFR)

The Rockcliffe Flying Club is ideally situated to offer the best IFR training available in Canada.  Located in the Nation’s Capital, we have quick access to all the modern and legacy IFR procedures that today’s pilots need to be successful instrument pilots, whether professional or recreational.

Group 3 IFR!

We offer single-engine instrument training.

Single-engine IFR at RFC is accomplished in our Cessna 172 aircraft with traditional gauges and Garmin 430 avionics.

Single-engine students will learn and rehearse all procedures in our certified Redbird simulator before going into the actual aircraft.  Simulation ensures a safer and more cost-effective training environment.  Our Redbird is configurable to match our IFR aircraft as well as a Piper Seminole for those looking to do an IPC on a traditional six-lever twin.

Students are trained using Standard Operating Procedures modeled on actual examples from the industry and developed by industry veterans.  Our SOPs help students to make the transition to the professional IFR environment.

Real IFR!

We file on every flight.  We do not do simulated IFR procedures in visual meteorological conditions.  We file actual IFR flight plans, get clearances, and operate in actual IMC.  Our IFR graduates can be confident that they can operate safely in the real IFR environment thanks to the experience gained at RFC.

Time to get started!

There is no time like the present to get either get or renew your instrument rating. Contact us today at 613 746 4425 or drop us a line at to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you!