You’ve been thinking about this day for awhile, now, haven’t you?

Imagine. . . taking the controls firmly in your hands, accelerating down the runway with confidence knowing the sky is the limit—quite literally! Once you have your recreational pilot’s license, friends and family will be lining up to take to the open skies with you.

At the Ottawa-based Rockcliffe Flying Club, we work hard to deliver a great flying experience—all in an ultra-safe and friendly atmosphere. And while we won’t expect you to land the aircraft on your first lesson, you will be in the air on that first day!

Whether you want to take a journey to visit relatives or take part in the RFC’s flying activities, you’ll soon find that every day in the air is a good day.

Holding a recreational pilot’s permit (RPP) allows you to be pilot-in-command of single engine airplanes that have been designed to carry no more than four persons. As well,

  • you can carry a maximum of one passenger;
  • you can be the pilot-in-command of an ultra-light airplane;
  • you can obtain a seaplane rating; and
  • you must fly during the day using visual flight rules (VFR) only.

Recreational Pilot’s Permit (RPP)

Please note prices are before tax. Minimum times are based on the Transport Canada legal minimum requirements. Actual times vary based on student proficiency, time of year (weather), and plane availability. Other costs include Medical Certificate ($150), PSTAR and ROCA exams ($70), Ground School materials ($300), and RFC membership ($240).

Time to get started!

Want to enjoy the freedom that comes only from learning to fly? Contact us today at 613 746 4425 or drop us a line at We look forward to hearing from you!