Combine a private pilot’s license with the appropriate ratings and you’ll soon be flying when you want, where you want and with whomever you want! The PPL is also the first step toward a commercial pilot’s license, if that is your goal.

Holding a private pilot’s license (PPL) allows you to be the pilot-in-command or co-pilot of an airplane of a class and type in accordance with the license as well as the pilot-in-command of an ultra-light airplane.

In addition, you may be endorsed with

  • Night Rating;
  • Visual Flight Rules Over-The-Top (VFR OTT) rating;
  • Instrument Rating;
  • Different airplane ratings; and
  • Build hours towards your commercial license.

Private Pilot’s License (PPL) Cost Breakdown

Please note prices are before tax. Minimum times are based on the Transport Canada legal minimum requirements. Actual times vary based on student proficiency, time of year (weather), and plane availability. Other costs include Medical Certificate ($150), PSTAR and ROCA exams ($70), Ground School materials ($300), and RFC membership ($240).

Time to get started!

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