Become a Rockcliffe Flying Club member

Congratulations! You’ve just completed the first step toward membership in the Rockcliffe Flying Club, where friends come to fly.

Becoming a member is a simple process, really.

  1. Love the idea of flying.
  2. Sign up and pay your annual fee.
  3. Enjoy the atmosphere, the one above you and the one around you at the RFC!

A culture of fun and friendliness

At the Rockcliffe Flying Club, we do things a little differently. Most clubs will take your dues, give you your lessons, give you a decent rate on certain products and services, and say, “Have a nice trip.”

We will certainly do all that, of course, but at the Rockcliffe Flying Club, we make a special effort to be accessible to all—and we take great interest in our members’ success. For example:

  • our measure of completion is when you apply for the license or rating, not just when you complete the hours;
  • while many schools demand thousands of dollars up front, at RFC, you have the option to pay as you go;
  • we encourage you to take all the time you need;
  • we offer a less busy, more relaxed atmosphere (although an air-traffic-controlled aerodrome is just minutes to the south of us).

Less money, less rushed, less intimidating. That’s the RFC.

And that culture of friendliness and relaxed enjoyment is everywhere, even—maybe especially—on the ground as our members enjoy the camaraderie almost as much as the flying. Join in on the “hangar talk” and you will quickly find new friends.

We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the social aspects of our club, as well. From open houses, “flour bombing” and barbeques to fly days, spot-landing contests and RFC challenges, we always have something planned to ensure members get the most out of their RFC experience.

Ready to get started?

Fly for fun!

The truth is, that’s why most of our members fly: because it’s fun!

They will tell you the feeling of freedom is only enhanced by the beautiful scenery the National Capital Region has to offer.

Are you looking for your great new adventure? Here are a few ideas. . .

  • Club activities — Why not try our annual RFC Air Rally, Spot Landing and Flour Bombing Competitions, or participate in the annual Grass Routes tour?
  • Destinations — Here, you’ll find plenty of ideas. How about a 45-minute trip to Pembroke along the Ottawa River? Or a day trip to Bromont, just east of Montreal, where reviewer Bob Cloutier says you’ll find one of the best airport restaurants around (even the locals love it!)?