Join the Rockcliffe Flying Club’s Redbird Loyalty Program today and fly our full-motion simulator solo for as low as $37.50/hour!

Rockcliffe Flying Club members won’t find a better price to hone your flying skills in the most efficient environment. Flying solo in the Redbird Full-motion 3D Sim provides a unique environment to:

  • Get to what you want to practice immediately without run-ups, without flying to the practice area and back, and without spending time in the circuit
  • Pause, rewind & try again instantly to sharpen skills – all without HASEL checks
  • Practice flying into an airport you haven’t flown before ahead of a real trip
  • Fine-tune your emergency procedures until they become second nature
  • Fly under the Golden Gate Bridge or 200ft AGL in the Grand Canyon
  • Practice you IFR skills in challenging locations & approaches

The only full-motion sim available to train on and to rent in Ottawa!

One of the core missions of the Rockcliffe Flying Club is to promote safety, within an enjoyable club atmosphere. Our Redbird Full Motion flight simulator is available for all members to practice recurrent training and experience challenging situations while safely on the ground. While Redbird usage has grown steadily within the Flight training syllabus, the RFC continuously looks at offering affordable ways for our members to remain current and safe pilots, and to have some flying fun. To achieve this goal, we have made available the Redbird Loyalty Program for the RFC members.

The Redbird FMX is already used in our flight training syllabus, towards goals such as the RPP, PPL, Night, VFR OTT, CPL, Instrument and Instructor licenses/ratings. Using the full motion simulator for instruction provides faster learning, and enables to experience situations that are not always available in the real world. RFC also provides Emergency Procedures training in the Redbird (what do you do when your engine dies 200 AGL just after takeoff?). The Emergency Procedures package is available to all members and includes an Instructor and an hour of Redbird time – a perfect way to increase safety.

To expand usage of the Redbird and provide all the RFC members an affordable way to be safe and competent pilots – plus experience great places – the Rockcliffe Flying Club is offering a “Redbird Loyalty Program” (RBL).  Members can purchase a Loyalty Card for $375 (plus HST) which provides RFC members with 10 hours of solo rental of the RFC Redbird. In other words, by pre-paying for 10 hours of rental, RFC Members receive a 50% reduced rate.

A few restrictions apply in order to benefit from the Redbird Loyalty Program:

  • The ten hours on your card are non-transferable;
  • The card must be shown at the time of invoicing;
  • Bookings can be made no more than 24 hours in advance;
  • Time purchased under this program cannot be recorded as training time in a PTR;
  • RFC Redbird only,
  • Checkout on the Redbird by an Instructor is required before first solo use. The hours from the card can pay for the Redbird for this purpose, the Instructor time is invoiced at standard rates.


Why wait any longer – get your Redbird Loyalty Program Card at Dispatch and start enjoying the Redbird Full Motion Simulator Today – See Dispatch for more details!