Who would benefit from the Wider Horizons Program?

  • Someone who has just obtained a Private Pilot Licence, but is not sure what to do now
  • Someone who holds a Licence, but is hesitant to fly into different or larger airports
  • Someone who is hesitant to talk with Air Traffic Control
  • Someone who wants to fly but does not have a “buddy” to fly with
  • Someone who thinks flying from A to B requires a lot of ground preparation
  • Someone who is a Recreational Pilot (note)but would like to “Widen their Horizons”
  • Someone who can not afford the time (or possibly money) to fly more than a few hours per month


How does the Wider Horizons Program work?

The Wider Horizons program runs every Sunday and Monday or Tuesday. By adding your name to the Wider Horizons program, we match you up with one, or possibly two other Wider Horizons flyers. You choose a destination / route for the day which will allow each Wider Horizons flyer to complete a minimum of one leg. When not flying you are an observer and learning. To aid in this venture, the Club will provide an Instructor at no additional cost (you only pay the dry or wet rental rate for the legs you fly). The Instructor will be the pilot-in-command but he / she is really there to assist when required.

As an example, to experience flying into a major center such as Toronto (Island Airport), we will find another Wider Horizons partner who wants to do the same trip. The morning of the flight, the Instructor will assist in preparation. Shortly thereafter you will be on your way experiencing Air Traffic Control communications, en-route procedures, the use of GPS and / or Radio Navigation aids and arrival procedures. On arrival, you will be responsible for obtaining fuel and parking the aircraft, while having the opportunity to take in the atmosphere of another airport. Your partner will then do the return flight to Rockcliffe and you get to observe and learn from him / her, as well as reviewing the flight you have just completed.

Another example would be the “hundred dollar hamburger” flight that you hear so much about. This typically is a flight to an airport with a restaurant close by and is only an hour or two away. We can point out some interesting places to go and help you prepare and set off within half-an-hour.

How do you get started?

The first step is to let us know who you are. If you are interested in the Wider Horizons program, please contact Louis at 746-4425 or by e-mail. We need to know your membership number, name, telephone number, e-mail address, where you would like to go and your availability. Some destinations flown and suggested to date are Toronto Island, Montreal, Quebec City, North Bay, Sudbury and Oshawa. Keep in mind, you do not have to visit just one airport, your trip can include as many stops as you wish.

Next, we will call you when we have a partner match (unless you already have one) and let you know the date, time and what you need to prepare in advance.

  • Rental will be at the dry rate, if refueling away from Rockcliffe
  • GQQV and GQUO will be the primary aircraft used in the Wider Horizons program
  • All fuel, ramp, landing, Customs and other incidental charges are the responsibility of the Wider Horizons flyer. The Club shall not be billed these charges
  • Charges (eg: landing fees) received after the fact will be billed to the Wider Horizons flyer who was flying when the aircraft landed at the airport charging the fees
  • Each Wider Horizons flyer will be billed only the time they fly.
  • For those who hold a Recreational Pilot Permit and have limited cross-country experience, a flight instructor must brief you at least two days prior to the flight if you wish to participate as a pilot. This briefing will vary in length, depending on your experience and will ensure you are properly prepared. Briefings for the Wider Horizons Program will be billed at a special rate of $30.00 / hour.
  • Recreational Pilots and Students are able to participate as observers on the Wider Horizon Program, if they are willing to share in the expenses of the flight.
  • For those who do not wish to be part of the Wider Horizons program but wish to rent a Club aircraft for cross-country trips, please see our new Guidelines for Cross-country Rentals in the Club Policiessection on the web site
  • Pilots are limited to a maximum of three Wider Horizons flights, each to a distinct destination.


Future developments in the program will include more extensive trips. We are also looking at fly-outs and camp-overs such as an Oshkosh trip. If you require additional information, would like to participate or would like to help organize the Wider Horizons program, please contact us.

Wondering where to go? Check out our “Where to Fly from Rockcliffe” pages.