The Rockcliffe Flying Club offers both the Multi-engine Rating and Group 1 Instrument Rating on our state-of-the-art Diamond DA42 Twinstar.

With quick access to the practice area and all the essential instrument procedures right at hand, Rockcliffe’s prime location in Canada’s capital city is the ideal location for multi and multi-IFR training.

Our program is built on four solid pillars:

  1. Standard Operating Procedures composed by industry veterans;
  2. Transition Training that prepares students for the glass and FADEC systems;
  3. Actual IMC flying to build real skills and give valuable experience;
  4. Real Flight Plans to build confidence and prepare you for the real IFR environment.

The Diamond DA42 Twinstar is the modern standard in the light twin market. With fully autonomous digital engine control, the Twinstar offers easy to learn single-lever control of each engine, just like the turbine aircraft commercial students will fly in their future careers.

Recreational students will enjoy the ease of use that single-lever operations offers when transitioning from smaller Diamond aircraft, Cessnas, Pipers, and other single-engine aircraft.

More information: Multi-engine Rating; Instrument Rating